Managed Network & WiFi

Taking Care of the Basics, So You Can Focus on Business

Managed Network & WiFi

Unless you're in the IT business, checking stats and making sure your internet or wifi is working at peak efficiency likely isn't your idea of fun. Simple Business Solutions is in the IT business, so we do enjoy it, and we'll give you reports to prove it.

Why Should You Use A Managed Service Provider


When you choose to outsource your IT as a proactive effort, you receive better performance, nearly zero downtime and fewer glitches. We help detect these problems to prevent them from becoming worse and turn into expensive repairs and increased downtime.


One of our managed services model benefits is the delivery of customized solutions for every client. This helps prevent worrying of the services that are covered and work with you on pricing options.


Small to medium-sized businesses can’t afford that luxury on their own. One of the benefits of managed IT services is that outsourcing helps to gain the expertise and the insight that larger companies have. This can help level the playing field between you and your competition.


When you outsource to an MSP that is familiar with PCI compliance standards, we minimize the risk related to credit card numbers, client data or any other sensitive information. We implement security strategies to keep your firewall and your DMZ is up-to-date, among other security measures.


The ultimate benefit of a managed services model its ability to lower business costs. One of the costs that businesses don’t always remember is that MSPs help minimize the chance of expensive network disasters.


An MSP is essentially an in-house IT staff member but without the associated cost. When you work with Simple Business Solutions, you have access to our knowledgeable staff that is available at your convenience for any IT problem or question you have.


We deal with the software and hardware vendors, so you don’t have to deal with and complicated and technical conversations.


A top advantage of managed services is how quickly new technology can be implemented into your business. We are able to start projects right away, saving you time and money.


When businesses work with Simple Business Solutions, they receive the quickest response time support. We are able to repair most network problems that your business may have from our network operations center.


When a business has limited resources, it limits the time and attention of every manager. A key managed services benefit is helping you stay focused on your business needs and let us deal with the complex IT situations.

Let Simple Business Solutions worry about the basics of technology; you focus on providing your unique value-added service to your customers. Our managed IT offerings add reliability to your business operations. 


Cloud4Wi offers artificial intelligence (AI)-driven application suite for location analytics and marketing services. Through it you can provide guest WIFi, location analytics, and location-based marketing for enterprises. 

Purple WiFi

Purple is a software solution that ‘sits’ on top of your existing guest WiFi network. When guests connect, Purple captures their data via a captive login portal. You can then use this data to better serve your customers.


When users access guest WiFi, they can be automatically directed to a custom splash page that keeps your business, advertising, and value proposition in front of visitors.

Social Login

Guest WiFi can allow customers to log in using their social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.

Location-based Marketing

Guest WiFi should offer an easy way to trigger outbound messages straight to customers. Sending customized emails, text, and push notifications are compelling opportunities to keep your brand in front of customers before, during, and after their visit.

Display Advertisements

You can design the path customers take to get connected, and splash page ads promoting your brand, loyalty programs, or special offers can be triggered along the way.


The not-so-secret approach to successfully building a meaningful brand is to make sure it resonates with customers and inspires loyalty. Customers want a sense of personal connection, and guest WiFi is the latest innovation businesses have been relying on to provide that personal touch.

Customer Engagement

Businesses are struggling to meet customer expectations and build brand loyalty. How does your business accomplish that?

Simple Business Solutions’ retail offering provides business with accurate insights into customers’ instore behavior, along with powerful, location-based marketing tools to engage them in meaningful ways–helping drive in-store revenue in ways that were never before possible.

Increase Sales

Having the ability to display advertisements during the onboarding process is an impactful way to reach customers. Successful brands don’t pester their customers with irrelevant ads, but instead, utilize ad space to spread brand awareness in ways that benefit their customers. Banner ads can live on splash pages, so customers see them as they try to log in and get connected. Ads can also be triggered as splash pages. You can design the path customers take to get connected, and splash page ads promoting your brand’s loyalty programs or special offers can be triggered along the way.